Photography by Fiona Morrison 

 In North America, we’re addicted to hustle culture, and work-life balance is often the first thing that falls to the wayside in favour of toxic ambition. But when we allow ourselves time to rest, our creativity, wellness and drive is only enhanced. Wolf Circus founder Fiona Morrison has worked hard to find this balance, and is proud of her boundaries that have allowed her to find joy and stillness in time away from work.

Born and raised on the West Coast, Fiona’s favourite way to rest almost always involves time by the ocean. Whether it’s surfing in California, a coastal hike on one of BC’s islands, or a weekend at one of Vancouver’s local beaches, she harnesses the relaxation, renewal and enhanced mental health that time by the ocean provides. 


Most recently, Fiona set out for the ultimate coastal reset, taking up a short creative residency in Greece. Taking time to reconnect with herself and tap into her artistry, she drew on the Aegean Sea for revitalization and inspiration. In conversation with Oceanic Global, Fiona set out to reflect on her personal connection to the ocean and how it fills her with joy and healing energy.


Oceanic Global — What is your relationship to the ocean? How is it important to you? 

Fiona — I have always lived close to the ocean, growing up on Vancouver Island. For my family, swimming was a crucial part of our summers, no matter if the weather was balmy or we were experiencing classic chilly Canadian temperatures. I can't think of many things that bring me more joy than going for a swim. I wish I could describe it more, but that's just it— the feeling of dunking your head in cold water, and the incredible, embodied feeling after just can’t be put to words. I think we often forget how the simplest things can bring us the most joy.


Oceanic Global — How does the ocean inspire you/heal you/help you find peace?

Fiona — When I think of my most relaxing and meditative mental states I immediately think of surfing. If you ever see me out there I have the biggest smile on my face and I look like the happiest girl in the world— even if I'm not catching anything. What inspires me the most is the mental state I tap into when I’m surfing, kayaking or even just floating out there. All I feel is the appreciation for everything around me and everything I have, with most of my stressors (especially my phone) left on the shore. It's an appreciation we take for granted in our day to day life and one that's difficult not to have when you’re in the water.

Oceanic Global — What is one wish you have for the future of the ocean?

Fiona — For it to be free of plastic and more appreciated by all!




20% of sales from our recycled collection will be donated to Oceanic Global and their work to restore the health of our blue planet. To learn more about their organization, visit www.oceanic.global