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In honour of Valentines Day, 25% of our online sales made between February 11th–18th will be donated directly to Atira Women’s Resource Society

Atira is a Vancouver based not-for-profit organization committed to the work of ending violence against women.

Why Atira?

The organization is based in the heart of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, just a few blocks from our head office. This neighbourhood, one of the oldest in the city, is an area of complex social issues such as homelessness, addiction and mental illness.

Atira supports and empowers women of all walks of life including “trans, two spirit and intersex women and or those who identify with a femme centre non-binary gender” as well as “women struggling with substance use and or mental and spiritual wellness.” They offer a wide variety of support services including legal advocacy, daycare, housing, outreach and education.

Not only is Wolf Circus close in proximity to Atira, we are also a group of women who believe that every individual is deserving of equality and empowerment, and this is the only way our community can truly thrive. 


How will my donation help?

Atira offers programs for women in need, these highlight everything from Health and Family Care to Employment initiatives. They are dedicated to supporting women and children affected by violence by offering safe and supportive housing. By supporting this organization you are helping to sustain resource programs like Enterprising Women Making Art. 

EWMA is a program with the goal to build women’s capacities and knowledge and develop a self-employment alternative that involves creating, and selling arts and hand-made crafts. EWMA blends art, community and social entrepreneurship, by coordinating the pooling of resources, producing workshops and markets. EWMA is a community-based initiative that works with and celebrates the talents of its participants, contributes to their community, and supports their personal and economic empowerment.

Your donation goes towards food for shelters, childcare and to ensure there’s staff available 24/7 on the shelters and housing.


Learn more about what they do here.