In what ways have you found a community to support yourself and others through motherhood?

M — I have learned that asking for support is the greatest tool to opening the doors of community. Also staying open to connecting with moms you meet out in the world, sometimes it feels like asking someone out on a date, and it can be nerve wracking, but following your gut when you get butterflies from a new friend will potentially lead you to people that are integral to your community. 

What does wellness look or feel like for you, as a mother?

— Wellness feels like a balance between acceptance and aspiration. A lot of what is marketed to us by the wellness industry is based on an unrealistic goal of feeling amazing all the time. Having a child has truly humbled me to the reality that life is full spectrum and all of it is worth embracing. I have this urge to reject the idea of wellness that is constantly being sold to us and continue to cultivate a wellness that integrates all aspects of life, both creative and destructive. 


What is an important lesson you’ve learned from your own mother that you’ve carried with you? 

My mom taught me how strength is required in raising a child. She worked many jobs while caring for two children and a mentally ill partner. She taught me to highly value the labor we do as mothers, because it is up to you to claim your worth.  

Since becoming a mom, how has your style shifted?

— I have always focused my style around comfort and have leaned into that even more deeply. I find it impossible to feel sexy if I can't take a full deep breath or stretch in what I'm wearing.  



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