Although our pieces are intended to be worn day to day, we have a few pointers to help preserve their quality. 

We highly recommend removing your jewelry prior to showering, swimming, exercising or cleaning to limit exposure to moisture and prevent accidental breaks. 

Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing to come off. 

When not being worn, our pieces are best kept stored in an air tight container (ex. ziplock bag) or a felt pouch, which helps absorb excess moisture. 

Each of our sterling silver pieces are made with 925 Sterling Silver. 925 Sterling Silver is a metal alloy that contains 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloy - copper or brass. The alloy provides durability and hardens the naturally soft texture of sterling silver.

Regularly wearing your sterling silver pieces will maintain a more ‘polished’ appearance. 

It is completely natural for sterling silver to dull or tarnish over time. Exposure to salt water, moisture, chemicals and heat can expedite the tarnishing process. 

We love the character this can bring to a piece over time, but if you’d like it to maintain it’s original high polish, any reputable jeweller should be able to re-polish the piece for you to restore it’s shine. Our Production Team is also happy to provide these services at our Studio. You can send an e-mail to for more information. 

Our plated items are plated with a thick layer of 14k gold or silver over brass, bronze, or copper. The plating on our jewelry is thick by industry standards, but requires specific care to ensure longevity. 

Our plated items should be removed prior to use of perfumes, hand sanitizer, soaps, moisturizers and cleaning products to prolong the lifespan of the plating. 

Provided proper care and storage, the plating should withstand normal everyday wear for years to come. 

Depending on the frequency of wear, you may notice that the plating may wear off on more exposed areas of your jewelry over time. We find that this happens most often with the ring surfaces that come in contact with other hard surfaces, a person’s skin type and storing method when not being worn. Our Production Team is also happy to provide these services at our Studio. You can send an e-mail to for more information. 

Pearls respond well to frequent wear, as the natural oils on our skin can help them maintain their lustre. However, it is important to protect your pearls from exposure to any harsh chemicals such as those found in perfumes, hand sanitizer, soaps, and cleaning products as these can wear away at the pearl’s surface and create a dull appearance. 

If a pearl style requires re-strung or becomes dull please, you can send an e-mail to for more information. 

Gemstones require specific care to ensure longevity.

Repeated or prolonged exposure to water, chemicals, extreme heat or extreme cold will impact the quality of your gemstone pieces. The gemstones are durable, but sensitive to impact with hard surfaces. 

If your gemstone requires some TLC, you can send an e-mail to for more information.