Photos by Hannah Faith Lord


Where did you grow up?

I was born in Indonesia, but moved to Los Angeles when I was 8. I grew up in and around Pasadena.

How did you first get into photography?

I was introduced to photography in 8th grade when I took a film photography class. It was so fun! We had a darkroom and got to develop and print our own photos, but my love of photography didn't start until my dad gifted me my first camera.

How did you come to own your first camera?

My dad gave me my first camera in high school. It was an old digital camera that Polaroid made and it was turquoise! It had the lowest resolution but I cherished that thing!

Who are your photography legends?

Guy Bourdin and Juergen Teller.

You have an impressive list of clients! Who has been your favourite to work with and why?

Thank you! There’s been quite a few— Burberry and Nylon Magazine to name a couple. Burberry because I got to shoot for them a few times for their Art of The Trench campaign. I got to really know the team. Everyone was so wonderful. The whole experience of shooting with them and being around the creative team was an amazing experience. Nylon Magazine because I got to shoot everything in film and I grew up admiring the mag so it was a surreal experience.

Where do you pull inspiration from? How does the internet play a role in your creativity?

I pull most of my inspiration from road trips and adventures. The constant change in motion is very inspiring. I love seeing new places and trying out new things that I wouldn’t normally have. The internet plays a vital role too, especially when I’m art directing a shoot, styling a shoot, or pitching a concept to a client. I like to pull images from Pinterest or Instagram.

What is your favorite kind shoot?

Fashion editorials are my absolute favorite! They’re fun and you get to be more creative. Anything fashion related, really. I love when a client hires me out to shoot film! It’s how I started in photography so film will always have a special place. I also love lifestyle shoots from time to time.

We love your Instagram! How would you define your personal brand?

I would say California free-spirited, bright, minimal, mixed in with fashion and photography.


What do you love and hate about Instagram?

I love that through Instagram I’ve met some amazing friends and have worked with some really great brands that I admire and find inspiring. As for dislikes, I think that people sometimes mistaken someone’s Instagram as a highlight reel and it’s easy to get lost in that perception that someone else is living your best life. I also find myself comparing my style or my feed to someone else’s and that’s natural because we’re all humans. That’s why lately I’ve just opted for a less curated feed, not caring if it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing altogether as a feed. Posting photos as a documentation of what's happening in my life at the moment.

Who are your current favourite designers?

Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Jacquemus, Rejina Pyo.

What would you like to see yourself doing in 5 years?

My husband and I will soon be taking a year to slow travel across the country. We bought a vintage camper that we’ll hitch behind our SUV and live in a new state every few weeks. In 5 years I’d like to see us owning a piece of land, being mortgage free, and building a tiny home or two. One for our home and one for guests who come to visit or a studio we can work out of since we are both freelancers and own an online shop, Shop Girl. By exploring the country we are hoping to find a place that resonates with us the most and can see ourselves growing old in. I also see us expanding our shop to grow into a small brick and mortar and organically evolve our career, delving into different things we’ve always wanted to do.

What would you do, see or learn if you had more time?

If I had more time I’d love to read more, especially books on human behavior. It’s so fascinating. I’d love to watch more indie flicks and learn another language.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Writing, reading, or having a simple picnic with my family.

What're your favourite podcasts?

I have so many fav podcasts but my go-to's are: — NPR How I Built This— Couples Therapy by Casey + Candace Neistat— No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis— The Goop Podcast — Oprah Super Soul.

What's your favorite snack?

Chips, crackers — basically anything cheesy, crunchy, or spicy.